Behold! Mia And Semantic Search!

Vlog #19 – Testing Blackberry’s Voice Dialing from The Mia on Vimeo.

Web 3.0 is here peoples. You didn’t know? Well if 3.0 is all about semantic web, wouldn’t IVR-voice based search qualify?

As you can tell from the above video produced, starred in and frustratingly delivered by internet rock star Mia, we are not there yet. Not even remotely.

Say a command?

How about work flawlessly. 🙂

When Double Entendres Work In An Advertiser’s Favor

I like Obama Girl. I like analytics. But did you know that Obama Girl likes analytic poles? I heard they’re hard to measure.

I feel so, so dirty…

Once you get your mind out of the gutter, check out former Chrysler VP of Marketing, Microsoft CVP of Marketing of their coolest division and my own personal inspirational guru, Jeff Bell’s post on Semantic Web.