RFID Is Coming To A Drivers License Near You

It’s an RFID themed day. New Yorkers will soon have the option to embed an RFID chip in their drivers licenses according to Autoblog.

The advantage to opting for the $30.00 license upgrade is simply that you will no longer have to carry a separate passport to go to and from Canada. Additionally, the radio frequency identification chip will be able to be scanned by authorities to identify citizens entering the state from Mexico and the Caribbean as well. Intercontinental travelers will still need to produce a passport to enter the country.

Authorities say no personal information will be stored or transmitted by the chip, only an identification number. Alternatively you can opt to have your Social Security number tattooed on the back of your head as well.

I’m just joking. Seriously…

Great Use Of RFID At CTIA

I waxed poetic on my AdAge post on why I thought Blackberry had a nice presence at CTIA. Their utilization of RFID had me at hello. Swap kiosk for shopping cart and tech info for grocery list and you can see the future of retail in this quick video I made on my Sony Ericsson T-506.

Mobile + Merchandising Inches Closer To Mainstream

By no means am I going to share my thoughts with you and fully convince you that your phone is converging with your wallet. However, the more companies like Moosejaw embrace the mobile phone as a commerce platform, the more accepted a mainstream practice mobile commerce will become.

Ironically every day consumers use mobile phones to purchase goods. The caveat being that the bulk of those purchases never leave the mobile device itself. Restrictions by U.S. carriers forbid purveyors of premium SMS services to offer items non-digital items for sale. That means no premium SMS pizza purchases, or vending machines, or your wife’s next pair of Marc Jacob’s shoes.

Paypal has created work arounds, offering secure WAP m-commerce solutions, but the process is cumbersome and real world retailers won’t recognize the services in-store.

Consumers continue to blur the lines of technology and commerce. In fact I’m willing to predict that cash goes digital within our lifetimes. That’s right, we’re talking no need for paper or coin – just an infrared reader of some sort.

In the interim, we need to evangelize these new platforms for transactional purposes.