Why I’m All-In on Social Music App Smule

It’s amazing what a good song can do to connect people and bring their worlds closer together. Think about the legacy Coca-Cola created and where it would be today without their iconic “Hilltop” ad? Or the music that defined Apple marketing over the last decade and a half? Hell, a day doesn’t go by when I […]

iPhone RFID: object-based media

This is a link (with video) to a prototype of an iPhone media player that uses physical objects to control media playback. It is based on Radio Frequency Identification RFID that triggers various iPhone interactions when in the range of a wireless tag embedded inside a physical object. via iPhone RFID: object-based media.

Look Qik! AT&T Video Share Makes A Comeback

I remember a few years ago salivating with envy as my Australian friends would flaunt their video streaming 3 phones. Their phones had “external” and “internal” cameras so they could stream their surroundings, as well as have a more traditional webcam-like personal chat experience. Suddenly, anyone could break news, streaming events live, etc. One day […]

Rethinking The Mobile Interface

Recently I was lamenting on Twitter regarding my desire to drop voice calling and use a text-centric device only. This isn’t anything new, as I’ve always been fascinated with text over voice (even with text messaging being a total consumer rip off). With VoIP clients such as Skype readily available and my laptop being in […]

Instinct Says The iPhone Is In For A Fight

I’m home from CTIA. To be quite honest, the show was a bit disappointing.  It seems there’s a lot of new faces in telco running the carrier and portal strategies that will shape the future of the industry. Because everyone’s so new, there was a sense of timidness in sticking one’s neck out in order to […]