New Microsoft Seinfeld Commercial

I think I’m the only one on the planet who truly finds these entertaining. My reactions/responses to the Shoe Circus spot can be found all over the blogosphere. To paraphrase though, I am of the belief (and am 1 of many who believe this) that the objective of this campaign is to erase the Apple stereotype of Microsoft as the PC guy. Microsoft wants you to think Jerry when you think spokesperson. So far the watercooler talk will keep this campaign alive in the discussions of consumers for quite some time after they run.

I’ll predict (relatively obvious prediction mind you) that as the campaign progresses, the tone of the campaign will start to center around Windows products themselves. I don’t think the spots will ever run as overtly obvious commercials for Microsoft products. Jerry Seinfeld built his comedic legend around shows about nothing. The goal of Microsoft is to become threaded into every day casual conversation.

Anyway the long version is odd, think Seinfeld meets Lynch. I like it. 🙂