Is Google Walking on Broken Glass? (ugh horrible headline)


In 2001 there were 128,374,512 mobile subscribers in the United States. That number tripled in 2010 to 300,520,098. So with that being said,  I would have been pretty hyped about Google Glass back in the day. But today, in the age of disposable technology, and upgraded contracts, I can’t help but think a “…$1500 voice-activated face camera” (thank you Olivier Blanchard) is about as senseless a purchase as Princess Bear Beanie Babies.

Fear not though – the future of Google Glass is about the application of the product. Wearable tech just hasn’t caught on (sans BT headsets which, let’s face it, aren’t exactly the pinnacle of fashion statements.) though I get the strategy. Just read Gladwell’s Tipping Point to understand it.

In my opinion this is one simple baby step in the evolution of something much bigger both in design and purpose. Like Microsoft using its XBOX to debut Kinect, at some point they lost control of the brand (but in a positive way) – one just has to look at sites like Kinect Hacks to really understand how this platform will grow over time.

What becomes of Glass, only Google knows but understand that my criticism is probably more short than long term.

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