Prior to accepting my job at Ford I had visions of grandeur that my site, hipstr, would be competing against the Reddit/Digg/StumbleUpon social bookmarking sites of the world.

I had done my due diligence. Looked at the features of the top social bookmarking sites on the web and did a cross-comparison qualitative matrix of what was and was not a priority feature.

Next was the open source evaluation of platforms where we ended up using Pligg, and then subsequently tearing all the code down and recreating their platform with an emphasis on images, because everyone loves pictures!

After creating a swanky video featuring a rising Internet dancing sensation to promote my site, we were off to the races. Up we went, and with that my influencer outreach began. One nod of encouragement from David Armano and my traffic began to skyrocket. People actually registered to be a part of my community!

Before I knew it, without much paid promotion behind hipstr, we were able to accrue almost 10,000 members from around the globe. I was still the primary driver of all content on the site, as we definitely had more lurkers than contributors.

After a while it got…stale.

In February I shut it down, shrugging my shoulders and refocusing my effort on upvoting, commenting and posting on Reddit. I simply couldn’t take out the 2 ton gorilla and that’s how I felt while reading this article on Google+.

Will Google+ survive? Sure, I think it can carve out a niche as a thoughtleaders’ social community. But will it ever achieve the mainstream success of its two syllable rival? Time will tell…

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