The M&M Project: I Need Your Help!

My awesome (repeat awesome) home-schooled 6 year old is currently doing a statistics project that I’m not sure former colleagues of mine could do any better.

She’s a big fan of M&M’s. Huge fan actually. And she was curious as to whether there was some form of statistical parody as to the number of M&M colors per bag. So she established a hypothesis and will track weekly the number of colors per bag.

In the interim she is collecting data on your favorite color. Could the number of M&M’s per bag coincide with a sample set of respondees favorites and least favorite colors of M&M’s? She wants to know, so please comment as to your favorite and least favorite colors in my comment box! It’s appreciated and will make a 6 year old super happy!


23 thoughts on “The M&M Project: I Need Your Help!”

  1. I like yellow myself, but I am a peanut man. I refuse to say i don’t like brown cause brown is not only a cool M&M, it’s the only one who tells you what you are getting right up front! Brown don’t front!

  2. I like the Yellow one on TV, I like to eat the red ones, Peanut or no peanut. I really miss the crunchy one that used to come in the blue colored bag. The new pretzel ones are ok but they just don’t do it for me

  3. My favorite color is Green and the least favorite is red and my girlfriend Katelyn’s fave is Orange and least favorite is red.

  4. Aliya and I thank you for the responses, anyone who commented on their favorite but left out least favorite we’d love to know your least favorite color too!

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