Where Would You Plot Yourself?

Today was a tough day at the office, as resident Australian Paull Young decided to leave Converseon to dedicate his time to Charity Water. Paull will be missed, especially culturally, where his upbeat persona and positive attitude gave me something to look forward to.

While Paull will be hard to replace, I’ve searched far and wide to find the right fit for Converseon and have a few stellar (repeat stellar) employees starting with us at the end of the month. With that said, I thought up an interesting exercise I wanted to roll out but I’m starting with friends and family though. I asked 10 close friends of mine who all reside in advertising/marketing to plot on a quadrant map where they stood in regards to overall job satisfaction. I used underpaid/well paid and love job/hate job as my axis points. The results were surprising as I thought I’d see many more in the lower left hand corner than top left. Then again the recession has certainly given employees perspective on the subjectivity of the love & hate one may have for their employer.

So let me ask you, where would you plot yourself?

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