Opinions on Detroit Public Schools Through Comment Based Wordcloud

Detroit Public Schools Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb gave the state of the district speech at Renaissance High School in Detroit today. Why should you care? Well odds are you don’t, but for anyone with ties to the region, the plan that his livelihood rests on to turn around the nation’s worst public school system needs a 100% chance to succeed in order to give the youth of Detroit their chance at surviving. And success will only be achieved if everyone (parents, teachers, etc.) buys in.

Unfortunately if the wordcloud I generated from comments based on the news article I found on the topic hold any water, there aren’t many Detroit residents who trust the Detroit Public School system to succeed. Corruption and abuse have taken their toll on opinion and influence. It’s the influence to make proper changes however, along with commitment from local communities to see to it Detroit provides a quality education that is lacking in the city.

My father graduated from Cass Tech in 1966. I’m proud of the fact he went to the University of Michigan after graduation and eventually Northwestern to become an MD. I also wish more Detroit youth shared the same aspirations as my father.

Needless to say Robert Bobb has a mountain to climb. For the sake of Detroit I hope he gets to the top.

(via Detroit Free Press)

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