Apple Possibly Makes A Huge iPad Mistake: No Integrated Camera?

apple ipad

There’s a rumor going around that the iPad is going to launch sans integrated camera. What’s the big deal?

Wel plenty actually.

While the iPod didn’t need community features to compete in a market it dominated from day 1, the iPad is different. Both price point as well as market positioning are paramount to its success and the one advantage Apple could exploit is the ability to experience content both through easy to aggregate methods of link sharing (e.g. highlight an article and share on Facebook with a gesture) as well as through WOM.

Since the iPad will launch with iTunes, and I assume a healthy database of iPad optimized magazines and newspapers, does the ability to discuss content through the iPad make sense?

In my opinion, absolutely!

Finally you have a device and a reason to leverage video based communication. I already believe the integrated keyboard, while intuitive, will be too cumbersome to use as a substitute for the analog versions. Video chat could become the defacto means of communication on the iPad.

But alas, it looks like it wasn’t meant to be. Unfortunately the most recent SDK removes the references to the ability to accept and decline a video chat. And with just a day until iPad pre-orders begin, early adopters shouldn’t get their hopes up for a surprise.

(via: No Camera on Apple’s iPad, After All? – PCWorld.)

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