I’m Sensing Hypocrisy: Tiger Woods Advice To Michael Vick In 2007

Look, we’re not perfect, and I swore to myself (as well as those who follow me on twitter) that I wasn’t going to obsess over the public spectacle otherwise known as Tiger Woods recently discovered adulterous libido.

With that said, I hope all celebrities take note of the above clip. Tiger is saying the right things, but we don’t live in a world of “do as I say, not as I do”. While Charles Barkley would like you to believe athletes are not role models, even Charles knew when it was time to owe the public an apology. Sincere or not, the words “I’m sorry” were uttered by Barkley. Conversely, all we’ve seen from Tiger Woods is a carefully crafted statement.

Tiger played the corporate card almost perfectly. He kept himself and his family as far away from the public spotlight as he could – all made possibly through the hundreds of millions of dollars in endorsements he’s accrued – a number that allegedly surpasses his PGA winnings 10-1.

But the luxury of building an elusive public persona when the camera’s off have certainly come back to haunt him. The “TMZ” world we live in today will never back away from a story, and just like a Michael Vick pitbull, the jaws of the public’s curiousity have latched shut on the role model formerly known as Tiger Woods.

And I don’t foresee them letting go any time soon.

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