Right Ad Served At The Wrong Time: SI.com Offends Fans of Chris Henry Through Liberty Mutual Rich Media Takeover

When major media events take place, I implore all brand managers, media directors and marketing professionals to do a simple review of your ad buys. Make sure that if you’ve got a rich execution such as a homepage takeover on say, SI.com, it wouldn’t in any way inadvertently offend any readers because out of all of the ads I’ve ever seen served, this one may take the cake as most insulting.

And as for SI.com, they aren’t indemnified from this. The account rep should have warned Liberty Mutual that their ad may be seen as offensive given the context. Both parties are at fault – and if this picks up steam, I fully expect them to apologize or take the opportunity to donate to a Bengals charity.

As for Chris Henry, I’m a fan of the NFL as well as a fan of comeback stories. He was out of the league at one point due to his behavior and fully believe his teammates when they insisted today he had turned his life around. My condolences go out to Chris Henry’s family and the Bengals.

via: With Leather

One comment

  1. BobH · December 18, 2009

    You might want to look up the word "indemnified." It's not the word you're looking for.

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