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  1. Jon Burg · December 15, 2009

    This is shameless, but not necessarily off, depending on their direction. First of all, it's possible that's a compelling writer. If she is, good for them. It will sell papers in the short term and earn loyalty long term.If she's not a compelling writer, and this is just a stunt, it will sell papers for a day or two and may earn them some gossip cred.The NY Post never had too much integrity. It's a sensationalist paper that entertains as much as it does report. If they want to be a serious paper, let's hope it's the first outcome.It all comes down to their vision. If you had a lot of respect for them and this lessens your loyalty, it was a bad move.But for a lifetime NYer who never took them too seriously, it's yet another buzz-worthy act in their three ring circus. And btw, I occasionally enjoy reading/attending the circus.

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