Owned & Earned Media Continue To Converge: Introducing Youtube Direct

When CNN rolled out iReporter, I had a feeling they were going to succeed with the endeavor. CNN has done an excellent job balancing the world of professional journalism with sprinkles of amateur or in some cases pro-am content to support their stories.

So it’s without much surprise that Youtube figured out a way to capitalize on a mass service that satisfies the long tail of local media via its product Youtube Direct.

Youtube Direct allows media companies to solicit Youtube members for video submissions of relevant content to stories, opinion pieces, etc. not unlike the very mass iReporter.

Long tail citizen journalism may not command the same level of submissions an iReporter may receive on a daily basis, but it does help bridge the gap between paid media and free media. With the era of 15 seconds of fame (or in this case “15 Seconds of Free”) still driving the content models of the majority of mass online media companies, recognition and notoriety are enough of a call to action to satisfy submissions, even local ones.

And that’s what Youtube Direct is counting on.

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