the story of hipstr

Many nights, many weekend and many friends helped make hipstr a reality. What is hipstr? hipstr is a social rating site similar to digg and reddit in the sense that users can upload links to content they deem relevant and the community can vote on its popularity.

There are some immediate differences that really set hipstr apart however. The first being that hipstr is as dependant on the image telling the story as it is the link to the content. Yes, posting on hipstr can be difficult to some, but it’s a labor of love. I’ve found myself absolutely addicted at night, scouring online to find the perfect image to compliment my link.

The other difference you’ll find is the preview pane. Clicking on the image itself will provision a nice in-browser window that shows the page linked. Think of this as a browser in a browser. When finished, you can close out the preview pane and voila! You’re back at hipstr.

Conversely, if you want to open the story in a new window/tab you can do so by just clicking on the URL below the the description.

Additionally, we kept the categories relatively high-level. We felt digg and reddit are awesome at who they target. hipstr is a different crowd who may have never experienced social bookmarking before. We wanted to keep the categories light and easy to remember.

Once a story is linked to on hipstr, there are 2 primary methods of engagement to choose from. First you can rate the story posted. Do you like it (represented by a thumbs up) or does it suck (represented by a thumbs down)? Additionally you can discuss the link by submitting a comment about it. Comments can be rated as well.

Finally, if you find a news story on hipstr that you want to share, you can do so through clicking on the Facebook and/or Twitter icon. Once clicked, the link you like will be automatically populated in either your Twitter submission window or in a Facebook post to site/share with friends window.

I know hipstr has a ways to go. But it’s only the beginning. The impetus for building the site can’t really be nailed to one specific reason – my partner, Ramsey Isler (@ramsey_isler on twitter) and I have been sharing links to each other and our friends for at least 10 years. I’m convinced I could communicate through links. 🙂

We’ll continue to improve the site experience. In the meantime, feel free to post your favorite links, rate the ones on the site, and create conversation around the ones you love or even hate! Regardless as to how you participate, I appreciate it.


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