Simply Wired Wrong

WIRED Magazine is a favorite of mine but even WIRED falls victim to the occasional compromise in journalistic integrity now and again.

Nobuyuki Hayashi
, a freelance journalist and blogger who lives in Japan was recently asked via email by WIRED columnist, Brian Chen to lend his opinion to the iPhone struggling in a Docomo dominated Japanese market.

Nobi, as known to his friends, wrote back a thoughtful response that pointed out the perception of the iPhone as a failure stemmed from an article written in a Japanese newspaper and was far from reality. He also conceded that the iPhone does have a small uphill battle to climb due to its relationship with Japanese carrier SoftBank, however they’ve already seen uptake through Enterprise orders, and the device is gaining popularity.

Though Hayashi provided Chen with a comprehensive reply, Chen decided to ignore the email and effectively put words in his mouth. Well technically, he claims the words were indeed those of Nobi’s but from an article he was quoted in almost a year ago.

As Nobi wrote in the comments section of his blog, “It was unlucky for Brian that I read English.”

Unlucky indeed. Nobi went directly to twitter to plead his case. Brian decided twitter was a proper place to discuss Hayashi’s concerns and before you knew it, the argument was public. In between tweets in kanji, Nobi factually stated the errors in Brian’s ways. Ultimately their argument snowballed onto digg, where I found it and decided to blog about the questionable use of WIRED’s ethics in this instance.

Ironically, it’s WIRED that most of us find useful as a source of information in not just technology, but new media theory. There is no way to hide your discrepencies online today. If you’re caught you will be exposed. Just ask McDonald’s, Facebook and in this case, WIRED.

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