Steve Jobs Rumor Of The Day

While Valleywag reports…er speculates as to what Steve Jobs went under the knife for today, Jim Topoleski seems to know the answer.

Who’s Jim Topoleski? Maybe he’s a Doctor or a cancer researcher or just a great social media blogger. All I know is because he can put a few well constructed sentences together and appended his name to his comment via Facebook Connect, this makes him an authority according to the three people who IM’d me this rumor citing his comment.

And no offense to Jim, but even if he’s right, there’s a recklessness in assuming what ailment “Fearless Leader” may be suffering from without cold hard fact of sources or true authority (being in this case a Pancreatic specialist).

Just my two sheckles…


For the record, I’m sure Jim is a stand up guy. The point of my post is simple: that we put a lot of value in the bucket of rumor and innuendo verses actual subject matter expertise. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe in addition to being an expert in social media, he has an M.D. and can assess Jobs’ ailment at which point I’m sorry. Or maybe he has a great source he’s protecting. Either way, I stand by my post that when making claims, both good or bad, you should always site your sources.

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