Honda Saves The World

Though my roots are deeply planted in the backyard of the Big 3, I have always been a fan of Honda vehicles. This is most likely due my belief that much like that old adage about how dogs resemble their owners, I feel the same about cars.

I’ve owned one Integra, two Civic Si’s and an Accord in my lifetime, as well as receiving a hand-me-down Accord from my dad that was shared amongst my brothers and I. That Accord lasted over 179,000 miles or approximately 120,000 miles over the Grand Prix we also owned.

Honda’s, even the Si’s, are known to be purposeful, businesslike, dare I say blue collarish vehicles that serve to get you from A to B with as little trouble as possible. So I wasn’t surprised when I first heard of the FCX Clarity.

What I am surprised about however, is that while General Motors preps the launch of the Volt, Honda has slowly and methodically launched a car that makes both the Prius, as well as its own upcoming Insight technologically irrelevant.

Because we live for today. And in today’s world, gas has dropped exponentially in cost from close to $5.00 a gallon to under $1.40 today. The Prius prides itself on being a green cause vehicle. You feel morally superior when driving one because you’ve been lead to believe that you are doing your part to save the environment.

But how does that compare to a vehicle that produces nothing but H2O emissions? Yes, water. Because that’s what the Clarity does. And when it comes to charging your vehicle? While the Chevy Volt still needs gasoline to charge the batteries, the Clarity uses the same methods to “fill up” hydrogen as you do to fill up your vehicle with petrol. And in the same amount of time!

As the Top Gear crew laments in the above video, Honda has built a vehicle that if distributed on a mass scale, could indeed, save the world. They can’t do it alone however. They’ll need partnerships in place with the Shell’s, BP’s, Exxon’s, etc. to commit dedicated hydrogen refueling areas within their stations. But I think if gas were to peak again at $5.00 a gallon, we could finally see the change we need to warrant the use of hydrogen as a fuel.

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