A Blogger’s Take On Steve Jobs Not Delivering The Macworld Keynote

I just read a great blog post by Joe Wilcox of Apple Watch regarding Steve Job’s setting his priorities right when it comes to not delivering the keynote for the Macworld conference. Concerns regarding his health have never really dissipated, and Joe’s analysis of what it takes to craft the perfect pitch taking weeks to make it look so effortlessly is spot on. Now Steve has delivered some serious magic for Apple over the years – in fact many of his moments are documented here.

Yes he has saved Apple from certain doom, there is no doubt. But the ultimate question to ask yourself if you’re a fan of Apple products is, is it the “Cult of Steve” or the “Cult of Apple”. Yes Steve Jobs IS Apple, but so is Justin Long, as well as the 10 million iPhone users. Apple has transcended Steve Jobs. We all now hold an emotional stake in the brand.

I have always maintained that Steve Jobs had come back to Apple in order to reset the company’s brand mission and once they got back on track, as a company defined by design, Jobs’ role could begin to scale back.

Putting a face on your company is smart but knowing when to face your company is smarter. Steve Jobs has faced Apple, and told them through his decision not to lead the Macworld keynote, that its time to stand on your own two feet.

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