Flame Bodyspray: For those who want to smell like a Whopper all night long…

I am such a fan of Crispin Porter and how they keep Burger King relevant. From the Subservient Chicken to XBOX 360 games sold at retail, they continue to string hit after hit after hit.

Sure Whopper Virgins is filled with ethnocentrism that an Anthropologist wouldn’t touch on his best day, but I say you can’t win them all and their batting average is still super high.

That’s why when they roll out a new BK themed product such as FLAME “meat scented” body spray, you can’t help but man crush these guys to death. I just get outright gleeful. Couple that with the fact you can BUY it…coupled with the fact that it’s SOLD OUT and you get an idea how creativity can define a brand within its target.

On a side note, I often wonder what CP+B would do if they ever got their hands on a domestic beer company’s ad budget. Scary thought how quickly they’d turn drinkability into something entertaining…
Brilliant work by Crispin!

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