Very Cool Flash Video For The Breeders Song "Walk It Out"

I’m sick of video. Sick of it. For every Youtube feature that gets crammed into that box of theirs, I just think it looks like a flea market.

So imagine my delightful surprise when I viewed a completely new take on flash video today. I mean, how awesome is this? Long story short, big fans of the Breeders (Cannonball was such a nice song by the way…) pulled together a music video for their song “Walk It Off”. You can follow the story of the video through 4 different perspectives. Just click on 1, 2, 3, or 4 to check them out.

The backstory on this video is pretty amazing as well. You can read about that at my favorite scooter blog ever, 2strokebuzz.


link: 2sb Meets The Breeders

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