BK’s Lost & Found Campaign Gets Buzz

In the spirit of similar campaigns from McDonald’s and GE Financial, and in perfect synergy with their offline commercials, Burger King is dispersing “The King’s” wallets throughout the cities of Orlando and Chicago. Each wallet has between $1.00 – $100.00 in cash in them along with a message to keep the wallet and its contents. 5000 wallets are apparently to be planted throughout Chi-town.

Awesome campaign, very smart and quite buzzworthy as a below the line event. In addition to the cash, each wallet includes a Burger King gift card, a “King” license, and a map of every BK in Chicago or Orlando respectively.

One plus up I would consider for other large markets would be to consider placing “if lost please call” card within the wallet. For those who follow through with the good citizenship, Burger King could reward them with additional cash, food, etc.

Either way, this is great thinking and I like how it integrates into the larger campaign. For more pictures check out the link below.

source: So Good

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