The Twitter Crowd Isn’t Inviting Motrin Moms To Their Playdate

Motrin‘s new campaign is targeting moms. Nothing new right? Lots of brands target moms. However, this one has a serious chance at blowing up in their faces as hundreds of conversations are now taking place online on twitter and in videos (as above) regarding the semi-offensive tone the campaign has taken.

The campaign is relatively straight forward. Large sweeping words emphasize the voiceover of a woman describing the rigors of strapping a baby carrier to your body. I have no doubt that during the planning stages of this campaign, some of the key insights that came out of their research/focus groups had a lot to do with the very physical wear and tear moms tend to endure while being the greatest caregivers on earth.

But one insight seems to be lacking – affection. The reasons why we want to keep our children close to us is we want to keep them safe (bottom of the Maslow pyramid – survival/security). And as another key emotion in the ol’ hierarchy of needs being love seems to be absent, it is no wonder the reaction from their audience has been overwhelmingly negative.

I predict that these Motrin will die a quick death and if I were Motrin, I’d accelerate change to this campaign quickly for this very reason alone: moms are not isolationists. They talk – online via mommy message boards, offline at playdates, etc. I assure you that the passalong factor of this topic will increase exponentially over the next few weeks.

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