Tokbox Integrates Video Chat Into Facebook IM

I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen much inspiration from facebook applications and plugins. Additionally, I’ve felt the IM extension as an integrated service verses a standalone service has dampened the user experience.

Tokbox though is changing my perception of how I can use Facebook IM.

For those unfamiliar, Tokbox is a company focusing on the convergence of video and instant messaging. I group them in the same category as Skype though Tokbox seems to me, to be a much more simple value proposition.

Earlier in the week I installed a facebook plugin that integrated into my IM client. Once it installed, I noticed little video cameras besides each of my facebook IM contacts. By clicking on the video button, a seperate window opens that allows me to hold a video call with the requested friend.

Very easy, very simple, very engaging.

Whereas before I really didn’t feel the need to IM friends via facebook, I now want to show off the newly embedded functionality to all that I know. Quite a novelty that I think when worn out, will continue to be perceived as useful.

Check it out when you have a chance.

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