KITT Got Jacked, Hasselhoff Not A Suspect

I was never a fan of Knight Rider. There I said it. I much preferred the Dukes of Hazard to wet my appetite when it came to watching insane car stunts. Besides Wopat > The Hoff any day of the week, yo.

In the world of post-strike television, the recycling of old TV show ideas came full circle with the announcement of a new Knight Rider. Only this time the famed Autobot wannabe KITT was no longer a Pontiac Firebird as he/it was reincarnated as a totally badass Ford Mustang GT 500 KR.

Cool, eh?

I suppose so. And in promoting their new straight to CW show obscurity, they took said Mustang on the road to wow crowds in Toronto where the uber-cool-missile-firing-supercharged-kick-the-snot-out-of-you KITT was apparently stolen right off the lot. Contrary to popular belief (mine included), the occurrence is not believed to be a PR stunt. If it weren’t, I’d make it one immediately. Find “KITT” and drive away with it sounds like a good plan to me.

On a side note, I do find it fairly funny that the Mustang didn’t even have LoJack. installed. 🙂

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