Porsche’s Picture It Campaign

Have you ever wondered what your dream Porsche would look like sitting in your driveway? Well wait no longer. Porsche has just launched a “picture it” feature that allows you to photoshop your favorite Porsche into an image of your choice. As Gizmodo has demonstrated above, there is no true discretion as to where your new 911 can reside.

The concept is simple. Take a snapshot of your driveway, upload to the Porsche web-site, select from Porsche’s range of luxury sports vehicles, make any number of adjustments you want and your done. You can then choose to share your creation with your friends by emailing it or download it as wallpaper for your computer (what no embed code?).

As one blogger I found wrote, if you really feel the need to continue the facade that you can afford a Carerra4, you can kick it up a notch. Go to Google Images and download a picture of the nicest driveway you can find. Use that purloined image as the basis for your Porsche creation – if you’re going to artificially inflate your income along with your warped sense of self worth, you might as well go full monty.

*UPDATE* Friend, Creative, and 911 Owner (I hate you) Tom Ajello waxed a major league diss on the Porsche campaign which can be found here: Porsche Fail

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