Segway Has A New Wingman

Toyota has entered the PMV market. For those that aren’t familiar with that nifty acronym, “PMV” stands for personalized motor vehicle. It’s all the rage.

Ok it isn’t. I just made it up, but it sounds pretty cool! Maybe I should get a trademark on it?

Anyway per Autoblog, Toyota is planning on testing an entire menagerie of Segway fighters in tall, grande, and venti…er small, medium and large sizes.

The top speed is approximately 6 kmh and the range is 6-10 km. Not very impressive, but then again, would you want to blaze the trails at 25 mph on one of these? Didn’t think so.

What IS impressive is that Toyota claims only a 1 hour charge time.

On a final note, Toyota better watch it. I wouldn’t want to step on Dean Kamen’s shoes. God knows with all the good he’s done, he’s had to have balanced it with a few evil ideas…in fact I’m certain he’s dreamed up a death ray or two…

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