AVK Thinks: Be Authentic

There aren’t many people in my life who can get away with flat out looking me in the eyes and tell me I’m full of it. My colleague at Measure2x, Andy Von Kennel, has a lifetime free pass.

Quickly following my decision to leave Digitas to join Andy in building data driven promotional experiences, we had a quick pow wow over what types of activities would help bring attention to our endeavor. One of those activities was obviously blogging. Besides Andy being one of the brightest minds in advertising, he also shows the most passion out of anyone I know in our industry. So of course I encourage him to write to his heart’s content.

With that said, Andy’s latest post is so great that if we weren’t so close, I’d totally rip it off. 🙂

To quote, “Brands, like people, are judged more on behaviors than words.”

Could a better statement ever come out of an advertising executive’s mouth?

Source: AVK thinks

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