An Open Letter To Mountain Dew

Dear Mountain Dew,

I hope you’re “dewing” well. 🙂

Sorry, couldn’t help myself!

Listen Dew, I used to really like you. A lot. In fact Before the Red Bull revolution, I used to guzzle you like a Frat Boy at an all night kegger.


I’ve kept close tabs on your campaigns for a while now and always felt the men and women behind your brand did an excellent job of keeping you relevant.

But times have changed.

The beverage category just ain’t what it used to be Dew. Not only are you competing against carbonated beverage brethren, but you’re now up against flavored water, Vitamin Water, bottled water, fruit drinks, energy drinks…*sigh*…oh how I yearn for simpler days.

But alas, we have a ton of choice and we better make the best of it. Not only do we have choice as consumers as to what we want to drink, but who we want to listen to also.

Yes listening.

See, with varying reports on people seeing between 600-3000 ads daily, a lot of what is put out there is white noise. Don’t believe me?

Then tell me this. What was the last ad you saw before you started reading this blog?


So understandably, to conquer the white noise, you need to find new channels to market in. But heed my warning Mr. Dew, this isn’t manifest destiny. You can’t just set up shop in Twitter for instance with the same message you produce on television.

And speaking of Twitter, I noticed you’ve joined its growing community under the handle “choose2drink”.

Unfortunately from the activity I’ve seen, it doesn’t look as though you understand the rules of engagement on Twitter. Twitter is not an excuse to graffiti your followers with random generic advertising messages. I mean, nobody is stopping you from taking that route, however fair warning, nobody will pay attention. And the worst case is you become the object of brand ridicule during an industry event.
Think of Twitter as a means to directly communicating with your audience. Yeah, that’s right Dew, a real conversation with the people who embrace your product. Get feedback, ask them what their favorite flavor is. Listen to their responses and above all else interact with them.

Twitter as a call to action is great. Heck I do it all the time. My Twitter friends expect me to link them to great content. But to attempt to build momentum on a generic post? Buddy, you’re more exciting than that! You’re Mountain Dew man! I don’t mind the every now and then link to your promotion, but give me some content too! How about some video clips from some of your sponsored extreme athletes? How about a behind the curtains look at your newest commercial?

Get me involved, get me talking. If you get me talking, you’ll get me linking. And if I’m linking, people are going to link back. Trust me it works – ask Dell, GM, Jet Blue or Southwest Airlines and they’ll vouch for it!

So carry on brother Dew and hopefully see you Twittering in no time!

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