GM Presents The H5 (Yes this is a joke)

Now for anyone who knows me, they would tell you I’m a fan of exploring alternative energy for the automotive sector. Natural gas, battery packs, hydrogen, I’m an advocate of getting us off of the foreign stuff, and have even considered a veggie vehicle or a Piaggio MP3 for my long drives up to Connecticut. 

Concurrently, and somewhat hypocritically, I have nothing but disgust for Segways and golf carts. In fact, I have a neighbor who thinks golf carts are standard mode of transportation outside the local golf course. I can’t help but snicker every time he drives by. At one point another neighbor would yell out “FOUR” every time he saw him coming. We’re obnoxious here on the Jersey Shore.

Jalopnik just wrote a story on the growing modded golf cart industry. Check it out here.

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