Accusations of KG Inauthenticity Haunt Me

There have been a blitzkrieg of accusations surrounding Kevin Garnett’s now infamous greatest post-game finals interview (see above) in the history of mankind. According to various sources the Big Ticket was supposed to scream into the camera “IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!!!” which is the Adidas campaign tagline.

Instead he screamed “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!” which is the tagline of a Chinese shoe company which of course sounds more like yiqie jieyou keneng. But I digress, it translates to anything is possible…

If this is true, it breaks my heart. I know I shouldn’t get too upset. Superstars have been obligated to look into the camera for years and joyfully scream “I’m going to Disney World!” so why should I of all people get annoyed with a little pervasive bait and switch?

Because I had an emotional investment in that game and for the last 12 years of KG’s basketball career, he’s been branded as the most intense, authentic WYSIWYG player of his generation. When he lost control of his emotions, hundreds of thousands if not millions of sports fans lost theirs with him, including yours truly. It was a special dare I say sacred moment in sports and though I have no problems what so ever with Adidas using the footage of an authentic moment to promote their products, I pray that Chris McCoskey of the Detroit News is proven wrong in his original accusation that this was all a ruse.

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