It’s 3:00 am And I Can’t Sleep

3:01 actually.

I think I’ve done a relatively effective job of scrubbing any personal feelings/emotions from my blog. This wasn’t necessarily intentional but certainly expected.

Somehow this blog has turned into the perfect facade for me. I can blog about snarky online video, the latest pc peripherals, mobile technologies, etc. and get away with never ever answering the question, “But what do YOU really think?”

Delivering an opinion to an audience – albeit in my case a small one, is still a daunting exercise that continues to keep me up at night.

Do I tell you how I really feel?

Do I keep to the conservative nature of my commentary?

These are issues/variables that play a large part in my insomnia.

Look, between you, me and Google, I would love nothing more than to unlock the doors to allow you a chance to learn how I really feel.

About emerging media.

About my coworkers.

My family.

My friends.


The fact of the matter is I can be a coward. It’s the same cowardice people discover when tasked with answering a survey question with a response that satisfies what they think people want to hear verses what they truly believe.

I need to get a few hours of sleep. I’ll continue these thoughts at a later date.

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