It’s 8 am and I’m playing with Surface

After bashing AT&T, nothing like walking into one of their stores to giggle and poke the 1 of 5 Microsoft Surface devices lurking around the city.

For the record, the AT&T employees on 381 Madison Avenue were awesome. I walked in with my T-mobile Z3 video phone on and they allowed me to mess with Surface for a few minutes.

By the way, I’m aware I totally geeked out and blabbed about blogging for AdAge and Thought Industry – they were asking. I also was mumbling something about contraction but said contrasting or something to that effect. Grammar be damned. My impressions were that it’s the real deal and the applications for Surface are endless.

I found myself asking the same rhetorical question Ian Schafer of Deep Focus asked in a tweet – Think Steve Jobs is ticked that AT&T is basically tauting an iPhone on HGH in the middle of their store?

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