Reach Out And Charge Someone

In a daisy chain of sources, MocoNews reported an incognito source has leaked the possible prices and channel line-up for AT&T’s mobile TV service due May 4. This in additional accordance from PhoneMag quoting The Boy Genius Report (linkbaiting gone wild).

I’m removing quotes since I can’t even begin to understand who I should credit. The gist is as follows:

The $13 plan gets you four channels – Fox Mobile, CBS Mobile, NBC, and NBC News – while for $15 a month you can add Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, CNN Mobile and ESPN to that.

But that’s not all folks! Jump to the $30 package, and you get the previous nine channels, Media Net, Cellular Video and an exclusive Sony Pictures channel.AT&T will be keen to differentiate its MediaFLO service from that of Verizon.

I’ll take showcase number 2 Bob! Though I have to let you know, to quote Happy Gilmore, “The price is wrong b*@ch!

Sure FLO has its advantages over the ever-buffering TV over Internet solutions of the past (RIP Amp’d Live, I loved you), however is it $30 worth of advantages…a month?

Doubtful. Maybe if they could sell a phone with more than 2 hours of battery life I’d consider it, but after a full day of text, bluetooth pairing and voice calls, I can’t foresee getting the level of value the costs demand to support the service.

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