Apple’s MVNO Intentions Unveiled

    MoCoNews uncovered Apple’s patent filings disclosing a potential MVNO network that never came to fruition. Apparently Apple was considering an eBay-like model that would allow the big four telcos to serve iPhone users through bidding prices for their service with quality of service and strength of network also considered as variables.

    Utopian sure, but as blogger James Quintana Pearce explains, for a proposition like that to occur, the iPhone would have to be both CDMA and GSM capable as well as 3G optimized at time of market.

    All of this makes you think though – Apple used At&T as their launchpad for their product. At the end of their partnership, maybe Apple will rethink the MVNO model, but in the interim, you’ve got to wonder, if Apple avoided the MVNO like the plague from the beginning, what chances to other MVNO’s have to survive?

    Oh wait, that’s right, most of the MVNO’s of the past few years are already out of business, or running on diminishing funds. Nobody has yet to prove that the MVNO model can translate to a sustainable business. If they have, let me know and I’ll stand corrected.

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