The Birth Of "Thought Industry"


I’m waiting for my new podcasts to download so I have some time to burn. I figured I’d quickly explain the origination behind the name “Thought Industry” so here it goes.

In 1995 I was wandering through the streets of Kalamazoo, Michigan as an aimless youth with perfect pitch. By the grace of the gods of rock, I was introduced to a group of musicians seeking a lead singer for their band. I joined, we rocked.

And rocked hard we did.

So we thought.

Until one day, a Thursday in January I believe, after a night of band practice, we walked into the Club Soda – Kalamazoo’s downtown dive bar, and witnessed one of the most amazingly loud, progressive, intense, heavy performances, ever.

Enter Thought Industry.

Lead singer Brent Oberlin had the stage presence of a man greatly disturbed by some ambiguous force driving him to the point of stage schizophrenia. With cd titles such as “Outerspace is Just a Martini Away”, “Mods Carve The Pigs”, and “Shortwave on a Cold Day”, Brent, Herb, Paul, and Jared blew me away every time they landed on stage.

The Kalamazoo music scene was quite odd. The talent pool was quite good. Thought Industry was signed to Metal Blade, Twitch, signed to RCA Records. Even pop group The Verve Pipe, though claiming to hail from East Lansing were actually from Kalamazoo. Then there were bands signed to indie labels such as Grass Records – Rollinghead and Doxie were the premier bands amongst them.

We were in an odd position – stuck in the equivalent of band puberty. Too young to hang with the big groups, too old to consider ourselves babies. But babies we were and though I probably never uttered more than a star struck “hello”, Brent and his band of alcohol fueled intellectuals were always considered in the group of big brothers.

Thought Industry had multiple lineup changes througout the years. In a sweep of change quicker than an asteroid hitting a dinosaur laden earth, Kalamazoo kind of died and so did the band. On a whim, when thinking of what to name this blog, I stumbled upon “Thought Industry”. The .com domain was available and I decided I’d write my posts as an homage to the coolest band in the world.

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