Instinct Says The iPhone Is In For A Fight

I’m home from CTIA. To be quite honest, the show was a bit disappointing.  It seems there’s a lot of new faces in telco running the carrier and portal strategies that will shape the future of the industry. Because everyone’s so new, there was a sense of timidness in sticking one’s neck out in order to make head turning decisions. 

But that’s ok. We’ve waited 8 years for mobile to finally gain traction, and I firmly believe (this time) that we’re almost there.
Speaking of almost there, Sprint unveiled their iPhone competitor, the Samsung Instinct. The instinct has many of the same features as the iPhone but with 3G Rev A and a neat haptics system. Scheduled to launch in June, the rumors floating the CTIA showroom were that Apple took notice and will move up their Summer iPhone 3G update to late spring. 
Priced to compete against the iPhone, I’m interested to see how it does. The interface looks similar, as does the user experience. 
The one variable unaccounted for however is the cult-like following the iPhone creates every time it’s mentioned. Buying into Apple culture is no different than buying into Starbucks or Tag Heuer. The brand value far exceeds the standalone features that make products like the iPhone unique. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a sick device, but there’s a reason the iPhone still ships with white headphones. 

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