Delta Working To Improve Airport Logistics

    Delta Airlines has recently gone through an entire revamping. I know because every day on the 7 train a few months ago I would see their advertisements for in-flight MP3’s, games, etc.

    All of these are nice add-ons once I’m on the plane but what about when I’m en route or in the airport? One of the most frustrating experiences a traveler faces is checking in for their flight . Well Delta is taking a big leap forward and giving their travelers the option of checking in via mobile device.

    What’s even more exciting, is that they’re doing this through traditional bar codes. I’ve debated with a ton of my friends in the mobile industry as for the need for QR codes, Semacodes and Shotcodes. They certainly serve a purpose in pushing WAP url’s to mobile devices efficiently, but they also require a user to load 3rd party applications on a limited number of mobile devices that support them (kiss Verizon goodbye as I don’t believe that there’s a BREW based QR code app to support the standard – if I’m wrong let me know).

    So if phone resolutions continue to improve, is there a point to use anything but bar code technology?

    The travel industry gets knocked all the time for lacking innovation. I’m glad to see Delta Airlines sticking a thumb to that mis perception.

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