Apple SDK Rumors Coming Back Negative

According to an iLounge post on the release of the Apple iPhone SDK next week, developers are in for a huge let down. Apparently the SDK’s going to pretty much emulate the current status quo in mobile: the walled garden.

The three take aways from the article:

  • iTunes Store as hub – All application purchases will reside within the iTunes store experience.

  • Apple as application picker – Apple determines which apps are worthy to receive publishing rights. This one sucks, and will ultimately hurt consumers more than help.

  • No accessory connectivity – forget the mini keyboard, it’s a pipe dream.

I shouldn’t be surprised and won’t be if these rumors turn to be true. I’m disappointed though that a company such as Apple, which promotes the freedom of expressing ones self would stoop to a competitor’s level.

I think if any one of these three rumors holds true, my love affair with the iPhone will be over relatively quickly. I simply won’t endorse their product.

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