The Superbowl Effect On Gameplay

There’s no way you were watching Tom Petty according to this geeky insight on the Superbowl’s effect on game play.

My friend Jay and I had an interesting discussion over email regarding the impact gaming has in regards to Superbowl eyeballs. Given the fact that Jay leads the Massive dynamic in-game advertising team for Microsoft, he has infinitely more insight into what his audience is doing during linear programming. Below are snippets from our conversation:

Server traffic from Xbox games on Massive had a drop during the Super Bowl. See the graph above. There is a very obvious spike in the middle where people didn’t want to watch the halftime show and switched back to their Xbox and played games on the Massive Network.

To be clear, the graph below shows raw server traffic, not impressions. Also of, note is that traffic from PC games did not have any obvious drop.

Jay’s armchair theory is that Xbox is most affected because, of course, it is the same TV set used for most people. I agree with Jay. But perhaps it also has something to do with the demographics and the kinds of games (sports) that Massive supports via Xbox.

So Jay decides to eat his own dogfood in a sample set of one: The Sampson HH cut over for a quick round of Guitar Hero 3 versus watching Tom Petty. While Jay riffed away on his plastic Gibson Les Paul, I was on Twitter complaining to Peter Kim about the GoDaddy commercial.

Something to keep an eye on when advising clients on where to place their $$ on Superbowl Sunday.

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