When Corporate Sites Become Social Hives

My friend Tom recently joined the company Red Interactive. As independent interactive shops go, I think Red is one of the best – having designed everything from the official UFC PPV sites, to ARG viral microsites for movies such as Cloverfield, to Sony’ s CES online presence.

Their greatest achievement however has nothing to do with client design. It has to do with enabling their site as a social hub. Leveraging their flash design skills along with some sharp experience design knowledge, Red created a way to activate their site virally in a way that is reminiscent of the way Zing sparked the avatar trends we see today with Second Life, Multiverse, Gaia, and There.

Picking up on the popularity of their homepage as a chat hub, Red even built in easter eggs to manipulate your characters. I found the following on Tim Matheson’s blog:

You can chat, and punch people, and even fly. After some research I came up with all the codes which I am listing below.

Type any of the following codes into the chat message box exactly as shown on the left side of the equals sign below. Example if I want the camel I type “the last straw” exactly (without the quotes) into my message box and press enter ad my character will change. Have fun.

nay nay give me some hay = ed (Horse)

dead men tell no tales = nub (Pirate)

jiminy cricket! = hopper (Bug)

the last straw = cameljoe (Camel Man)

surley you jest = jester (Jester)

rumpelstiltskin is my name = unclesam (Uncle sam on stilts, he wont speak a word)

may i please have some blueberry pie? = gordon (Overweight man)

i shot a man in reno = jailbird (Bring back the convict, man with ball and chain)

i dreamt i was a butterfly = sun (Woman character that was removed, carries two fans)

I encourage everyone to give Red a look. Their URL is http://www.ff0000.com – the html code for Red.

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