Eyes On Design: Facebook Mobile Appliance

Ben Arent is an undergraduate product designer at Middlesex University. His website is dedicated to his Design work. Only 21 and currently living in Seattle on a Year internship working at an Arerthical lighting company called Resolute, Ben is a child of two cultural collisions: social networking via Facebook and mobile consumption via his UK roots.

He very intuitively developed a concept idea for a new Facebook appliance. Using the iPhone as his comparative base, he analyzed the positives and negatives of the device and set off to improve the user experience. His integration of brail may sound a bit far fetched but I think it’s brilliant – a raised font to quickly type without ever having to look at a keyboard is amazing. Thnk about it, QWERTY’s have a bit of a variance from standard full length keyboards…this just makes more sense to me.

Feel free to check out more from Ben on his site, including videos.

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