2D Barcodes Enabling Mobile Commerce In Europe

When it comes to your mobile phone, one of the most cumbersome activities met with high level of annoyances has little to do with the phrase, “Can you hear me now?”

No, for those of us who still own Non-QWERTY enabled handsets, it’s the multi-tap frustrations of typing in a WAP address into your phone browser.

Enter the world of 2D barcodes. Otherwise known as QR Codes, Semacodes, and Shotcodes. All three describe the same function: to ease the ability to access content via your WAP browser.

What originally started as a way to track inventory in Japanese warehouses, quickly spread across the globe as an alternative to the Common Short Code – embedding everything from WAP pages, ringtones, wallpapers, j2me games, etc.

What sparked the domestic rise of SMS was the introduction of Premium SMS services. As 2D companies such as Scanbuy or Neomedia begin to introduce marketers to their services, they should take a look at what’s happening with brands such as H&M – one of many examples of what we’re seeing in Europe.

H&M is starting to integrate Semacodes into their print campaigns. What makes this unique though is that H&M is tying their Semacodes into billing services. See a sweater you like? No need to go online to order – just point and click with your camera phone and presto! You’re sweater is on its way and the cost will end up on your mobile phone bill; just like a credit card.

H& M is even printing premium Semacodes into the fabric of their clothing as well – logic being that “women compliment each other all the time on their clothing…”

So though significant research remains to determine what impact 2D codes have in impacting consumer response to mobile enhanced marketing initiatives, the still relatively nascent world of mobile marketing marches on trying new ways to innovate.

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