Dell Wants To Create A GPhone, I Roll My Eyes

(Crediting Loren Wood w/ the pics and Last100 for the link to them)

I’m going to cut all of you off at the path.

Today I made huge overtures to clients and colleagues alike on the brilliance of Google in their attempt to force an industry I considered dormant (Dead, a VC cash vacuum, it’s all the same to me…can you tell I’m bitter at telco?) to give up this Burger King vs. McDonald’s mentality and start holding hands singing Koombaya in a big ode to standardization.

In fact, on my soapbox, I stressed that the brilliance of Google is their insistence to take an OS like Android and develop it agnostic to carrier and device. No more competing application standards, no more QA’ing against 11,000 handsets, no more highway robbery on app development…ahhh mobile utopia!

So imagine my lack of surprise when one of my friends linked me to an article speculating based on rumor that Dell was in talks with Google to produce the elusive GPhone.

I know what he was thinking. “HAH! GOTCHA EMERGING CHANNELS GUYDUDE!!!”

Excuse me while I yawn.

Don’t misinterpret my passive behavior. I love the fact that Google is pushing the old boys network to work harder for the attention of their consumer base. I also love the fact that any device that launches with Android is just another step towards ubiquity. Call it the borg, I call it progress baby!

However, in my eyes, you could color the phone red, yellow, blue and form factor it in the shape of a G. You could have Sergei Brinn and Larry Page dancing the congo line with Michael Dell on the welcome screen and I’d STILL insist the phone is no better or no worse than any phone that supports Android. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Apple itself will run Android…

So good for Dell if this deal happens – I can still remember my very open discussions with the portable media team at Dell about their lack of a device that could differentiate themselves from the rest of the industry. If Microsoft has a place on Dell PC’s as the OS of preference, why can’t Google own the mobile space?

By the way – it’s now 5:30 am EST and I’m loopy with insomnia caught between time zones. I apologize if this post reads like Sean Young at an awards ceremony.

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