Qik.com: The World Is Getting Smaller

As I spent an afternoon twittering, an interesting tweet made it across my screen:

“I’m streaming from my mobile live right now!”


My interest was certainly peaked. I’ve been following streaming video since 3 launched video chat in Oz a few years back. It’s an exciting proposition, kind of Dick Tracyish and I certainly would be a heavy video chat user (as I am online).

So off I went and clicked on the tinyurl which quickly redirected me to Qik. After a few moments of poking around it certainly looked like a live video stream.

As it stands, with all new mobile technology, it seems as though you need a Simbian OS but I’m sure our friends at Qik are figuring out ways to port their software onto Samsung, Moto and LG handsets as well.

Before I closed my browser, I took a screen shot of the homepage of Qik, which featured a Qik member streaming from a live event. This reminded me of my time down in San Antonio speaking to my friends at AT&T. We were talking about AT&T’s launch of streaming video services along with America’s first “true streaming video phone”, the LG CU500. I was very excited, yet apprehensive about the idea of turning everyday consumers into the “Moborazzi”

Don’t bother looking for the url, it’s taken.

Additionally, I thought about the licensing rights to events such as NBA games – who’s going to be made culpable if game footage is streamed live on 18000 handsets to the web? I have a feeling AT&T didn’t want much to do with that one and subsequently, their video sharing phone and service mysteriously disappeared before it had a chance to get off the ground.

Qik.com is just scratching the surface. With 2008 following the trend of embracing convergence, I wonder with open speculation what lies next to continue to spark a mobile industry that once laid dormant.

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