What Are 200 Diggs Worth To You?

Brent Csutoras thinks Digg is broken and he wants the Digg community to take action. Per his post, where it used to take between 30-40 Diggs to make a story popular, it will now take close to 200 – an impossible number to reach unless you have a fairly large perosnal social network helping drive you.

And that’s where Brent protests – if the social networking communities of popular Digg posters decide to Digg a story just based on the popularity of the poster, rather than the quality of the post, then isn’t the relevance of Digg in question?

Having personally been on the receiving ends of requests from well known bloggers asking me to click to diggit before reading their prose, I can understand the conundrum.

What I can’t understand is the irony behind Digg’s refusal to respond to the growing unrest within its community. According to Brent, Digg has virtually ignored the demand for answers, even refusing to respond to support requests.

To borrow a quote Brent used on his blog:

“It is sad to see the veterans who have invested their time, effort, and energy into a community that isn’t returning the favor. Problem is: Digg isn’t defending itself. It isn’t giving people ANY explanations as to why they are banning various strong Diggers and increasing the quota to reach FP. Digg isn’t addressing the autobury situation adequately… It looks like Digg will implode if it continues in this self-destructive path and ignore this situation further..” Nomadelle

We’ve seen communities abandon social networks before – I’ll be curious to see how much steam this picks up in the near future.

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