Kwame Kilpatrick Is Textually Frustrated

I’m going to spare you the three hour diatribe I could easily deliver on the corruption surrounding Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Just know that it pains me daily to read about a man who treats the city he claims to love, like a Weekend At Bernies stunt: cashing in checks of the dead.

According to the Detroit Free Press, it was uncovered that he and his chief of staff Christine Beatty lied about their adulterous relationship last summer at a police whistle-blower trial that has cost the cash-strapped city more than $9 million, according to records obtained by the newspaper. The false testimony potentially exposes them to felony perjury charges, legal experts say.

Now I could go on about the local political, professional, and legal ramifications of lying under oath. How Kilpatrick, a lawyer, could be disbarred for life if these charges boil over into career arson. But I’m not the Detroit version of the Wonkette. Heck, I’m not even a Detroiter anymore…

So why is this post relevant? Well what I found interesting was not the alleged affair between the Mayor and his Chief of Staff – that was already assumed. What surprised me was how the affair was uncovered – via text messaging.

Well technically not SMS, most likely SMTP over TAP…we’re talking Skytel Pagers in 2002. Still – in a world where we consider the mobile phone highly personal and its contents incredibly intimate to their owners, this should be a wakeup call that not even the 160 characters you text are truly private.

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