Matt Ingram’s Post on Dunbar Numbers & Twitter

Matt Ingram has a great post on Twitter and the Dunbar Theory. To quote his blog:

“This reminds me of the “Dunbar number” — a theory that Robin Dunbar came up with, to describe what he thought was the maximum number of people that one could interact with on any kind of personal level. Dunbar figured the average was around 150. Some have claimed that they can boost that number online, and there’s no question that it’s easier to keep up a kind of intermittent attention flow with more people.”

I couldn’t help be reminded of my discussions with Chase McMichael, CEO of Unbound Technologies in California. At a time where most agencies were completely clueless on how to measure the impact of their social networking buys on say, MySpace, Chase was a rational voice explaining (slowly) that number of friends doesnt equal number of influencers and that at some point, you lose the ability to dialog with your audience when it reaches a certain threshold. I still believe Chase is ahead of the curve in ability to dissect a social network.

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